Demonic Possession

Demonic possession is the control of a human being by an outer being, usually referred to as a demonic spirit. The signs and symptoms of demonic possession vary a lot from person to person. Religious people have firm belief in such possessions, as most religions confirm the existence of such evil spirits and their interaction with human beings. An interesting survey revealed that 63% of all Americans 18-29 years old believe in demon possession. Most of these US citizens are not keen followers of any religion, but they still believe in the existence of demons and their possession of human beings.

The words demon, satanic creature, evil spirit and ghost are used indifferently by most people. Any entity that doesn’t have definite physical structure, but its presence can be felt due to its supernatural evil power may be referred to as a demon. There are good spirits/ghosts as well, and they should not be mixed with demons.

Demons have certain powers, but they need a human host to boost their powers to the next level. People have seen demons flying in the air; stealing things; take human form, and threatening humans, but some evil demons decide to possess human bodies. Possession involves continuous presence of the demon within or on the human host. The host experiences mental fatigue, depression, anxiety, psychosis, delusions, multiple voices, change in tone and pitch, anger, sadness, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, self harming behavior, extra ordinary strength, eating disorders and several other issues.

Demons usually possess people that have weak reflexes and will power, or people that try to make contact with Satan/satanic beings. The Christian belief, a demon is a spiritual being that can be controlled proves to be true for people practicing witchcraft or black magic. In some cases, magicians order their captivated/controlled demons to prey on a particular person. The evil magician uses the spirits to control the human, or to completely destroy him/her. A murder can also be executed in this way, as a black magician may inject suicidal thoughts into the mind of the host through evil partners. The human may either commit suicide, or perform acts of self harm, depending upon the severity of demonic possession. In some historic cases murderers have shown supernatural powers, and claimed to have committed the murders due to demonic possession, but no court has entertained such arguments.

Possession by demons is usually removed by performing an exorcism. People belonging to different religions have different approaches to remove demons from the host. The Christian priests use the bible and holy water to condemn the evil spirit and order to it to leave body of the host. Others may first diagnose the existence of black magic, which needs to be unwound. Once black magic is reversed, the demon leaves body of the host automatically. In case the possession is solely due to the demon’s own interest, it is removed by reading religious scriptures and threatening to terminate the demon. The Africans and Hindus have their own ways to get rid of such demons, but almost all of them involve reading religious scriptures and threatening the evil from God.

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